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Brychan is a welsh singer-songwriter who can claim, in his already long career, important collaborations, prestigious awards and an impressive collection of songs.


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The record company Eric Wood's first CD, Letters From the Earth (as well as information & reviews) is available from. Song selections from the CD can be heard and song lyrics can also be read at this site.

Intersound (Italy)

Intersound is one company that distributes Letters From the Earth in Italy. IRD /International Record Distribution is the other. Intersound has a special webpage of reviews in Italian publications of Letters From the Earth by Eric Wood.

Dave's True Story

Combine smoky, sexy vocals with quirky songs about love, lust and venetian blinds and you're getting warm baby. The New York City duo has been dubbed everything from "beat-lounge" to "Cole Porter-meets-Seinfeld" to "jazzy stuff for the new café society".

Mermaid Alley

CAROL LIPNIK is a songwriter and vocalist who with her band SPOOKARAMA has enjoyed a steadily growing following on the New York club scene. Her brilliantly twisted and beautiful songs coupled with her unique and haunting voice blend together to create a mysterious and unforgettable sound that channels her Coney Island roots.


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