Eric Wood

Too Deep
by Eric Wood
1999 Romany Music BMI

See him stumbling down the sidewalk
Mumbling something to himself
And it ain't exactly small talk
Nor entirely something else
Pretty clear it's something serious

'least as near as I can tell
Apparently he just jumped in Too Deep

Just say something to him
If you're lucky, he'll respond
Though it may at first sound senseless
From the wavelength that you're on,
Hold down your defenses
He ain't really so far gone
He's just in a little bit Too Deep

His whole life's a long shot
At a chance to finally die
With a great big smile on his face

He knows where he's going
And he won't arrive alive
So he takes it kind of slow
As though he may be slightly high
Seems his definite destination
Is the end of the line
With a deck of aces up his sleeve

From the way he seems determined to drop,
Traveling down's the short cut to the top
Seems when the bottom of the bottle is up
That's when he's most on his way

If it seems a little scary
To be near the place he's at
Don't get too much closer
Better take a few steps back
He's aboard a train not traveling
Down the round trip track
And he may tread just a tad Too Deep

His whole life's an abstract
And he's totally insecure
And he intends to keep it just that way