Eric Wood

Look At The Fools
by Eric Wood
Romany Music BMI

Didn't we used to be dreamers
High headed, far sighted fools
Fleeing all familiar graces
Following nobody's rules

Never to be disillusioned
Who'd have though we'd come to this
You in your high heels and hairdo
Me in my self righteousness


Didn't we change the world
Didn't we seem proud
Look at the fools now

Order another rye whiskey
Toast these cafes and boutiques
They must have built all these places
Just to keep dreamers asleep
Just so we'd all go on dreaming
Harmless is how we'd remain
Keeping our little agreements
Calmly and quietly contained


Didn't we used to be lovers
We'd last forever, we said
We were made just for each other
Now we just joke about that
We wore our hearts on our sleeves babe
You and I against it all
Now we just try and lay low and
Search for a soft place to fall