Eric Wood

by Eric Wood
1999 Romany Music BMI

(It's) not like I never told a lie before
To tell you the truth
So don't take it as part of my real character
That I'm being so honest now with you
You see right through me anyhow
I'm Invisible to you....

I don't who you've got your arms around
When I've got my arms around you
Maybe you just don't want to hold me down (or)
Give me something I have to live up to
You see me so well anyhow

I roll my window shades all down at night
So the sun don't wake me up
And make you realize just how out of sight
I really am

(It's) not like I never closed my eyes before
Or just looked away
But it always seemed like you were everywhere
Especially when I closed my eyes that way
But you see right through me still somehow
I'm Invisible to you