Eric Wood

Forgotten Blues
by Eric Wood
1999 Romany Music BMI

…feel like I've been forgotten
…know I'm to blame because
None of my friends are dead and gone
They're just driven away and lost
And I must be pretty damned rotten
I must be real bad news
Made 'em all hate me just so I
Finally could sing the blues

…used to have lot's o' money
All of my dues were paid
A beautiful woman in my bed but
Gambled that girl away
Now it's just destitution
I guess that my bed is made
I might as well lay down gracefully and
Go to an early grave

Somebody used to love me
Somebody used to care
Stood both behind and above me
Now, there's nobody there

What if I said I'm sorry
What if I said I've changed
You wouldn't believe me anyway
So I might as well stay the same
Keep heading' down this low road
Just as high as I choose
...couldn't sing those loves songs any how

So I might as well sing the blues