Eric Wood

Close To The Bone
by Eric Wood
1999 Romany Music BMI

Rest assured I don't jump to conclusions
Before you're undressed
You don't have to come up with an answer
'long as I don't ask
Let me just close enough to inhale you
And I'll close my eyes
I'll forget that there's more than this moment
Between your thick thighs


Turn out the light so we're really alone
And everything outside of us is unknown
Feed me your flesh and I promise I won't
Jump to conclusions too Close To The Bone

Whatever 's hidden deep under the surface
Veils you mysteriously
You are an artist with works still in progress
I won't presume I should see

I won't try to entice or intrigue you
With my darker side
I don't need no seductive confessions
Just some honest lies
Soak our souls in our sweat and our sweetness
And we won't think twice
Let's pretend that our virtue is weakness
And our strength is vice