by Eric Wood
„1999 Romany Music BMI


Over and over

She answers the phone

No one hears ringing

And talks to the tone

Wilbur resides in a world of his own

Dreaming hell soon hear her talk

The sun is setting  already

Somewhere out west

The world stopped turning

For these two, I guess

Neither is dialing

The otherís address

Both of them wait for the Call


Look how the light

Fades away

If only love had been listening


Over and over

They slide down the pews

Sit through a sermon

That tightens a noose

Each of them hanging onto its sad truth

That peace will prevail after all

Puppets suspended

From a single rope

They, all awaiting

The trumpet to blow

Forsake today for tomorrow

All of them wait for The Call


Over and over

The springtime begins

Rivers flow forth

From the frozen mountains

Pliades passes where Cassiopeia'd been

Particles dance in the raw

The phone keeps ringing

Like fired synapses

Somewhere deep down

In some huge consciousness

That canít smell the roses

Nor walk the forests

And nobody waits for The Call


Look how the light

Fades away