by Eric Wood
ã1999 Romany Music BMI

I shook the hand

Of one who’d shook many

Who immune to a million disease

Could walk around them

One not having any

Yet pass each one to you with ease

Like a man on a planet

Out in the night sky

With the same face on each of her moons

I have taken for granted

How easily I’m

Penetrated and influenced


Each soul is a god with access to something

That might be a demon in you

Who can turn you around with something it says

Like a screwdriver does to a screw

In the hands of a politician

The minions dance and drool

The wisest of kings is most easily swayed

From his power by his own hand-picked fool


Deliver me

From Good and evil

Let My People Go


I heard a song

Sung in the subway

From behind some coins in a hat

Suddenly somebody’s arms were both upraised

How did she move him like that?

There were no words

There was no meaning

She was just humming a tune

Haunting his spirit

Hammering his heartstrings

With such a fervent influence


Each soul has a voice that speaks to a mystery

Well hidden in some one’s dark spirit

Its song may well penetrate many an ear

Yet only one truly will hear it

For this one its meaning is poignant

His heart can hardly hold it

This pawn in the hand of this powerful poem

Is exalted far beyond the poet


Deliver me

From good and evil

Let My People Go