by Eric Wood
 „1999 Romany Music BMI


It might have been another Saturday night

Like any other one had been

I might have ended up there anyway

It may have not been ďmeantĒ

It may have come about by chance and then again

Could have been heaven sent

I would have lost my heart to you any way

Even if we hadnít been destined to fade

Fade Into Love


Some people never can get back to what they were

When still their hearts were tame

Once set afire all they have becomes

Kindling for the flame

And brought to life by that strange power that love holds

They canít remain the same

Out of this world into a whole `nother state

You see them slip as they continue to fade

Fade Into Love


High on a moonbeam

Lost in a daydream

Only a fool can fade

Fade Into Love


I donít know why it seems thereís only very few

Who can believe like lovers can

Most hold them up to heartless ridicule

While envious of them

Into the wilds of the heart Iíll walk with you

Even if it means I really am

Only a fool who is never afraid

To feel so much and then totally fade

Fade Into Love