by Eric Wood
„1999 Romany Music BMI


Bury Me Standing

In an unmarked grave

Leaving no footprints leading to where Iím laid

Reading no blueprints directing the way

My soul should set sail at my planting


Bury Me Standing

My knees are so sore

Iíve spent my whole life with them glued to the floor

Iíd rather be dead than be on them once more

Theyíre only good for one landing

At least let me get myself up off them or

Be kind and Please Bury Me Standing


And I hope everyone can forget me

That is a matter of fact

And I swear Iíll stay gone once Iím set free

And hope no one holds me to that

Bury Me Standing


Bury Me Standing

I got place to go

Maybe Iíll catch a freight

Somewhere down below

Thatís taking no tickets

And traveling real slow

To God only knows

Where Iím rambling


Bury me under

An unpolished stone

Want no body following me

Where Iím going

Lace up my walkiní shoes tight to the bone

In case I canít rest at the ending

It never felt east to call some place home

You might as well Bury Me Standing