Eric Wood


Still Out Here


Still Out Here; perched on the edges

Waitin’ for you to let down your guard

You thought that you scared us and we ran and hid,

Lost touch with each other and scattered apart

We’re still out here not your faithful pledges

You lured from what matters with their credit cards

You thought you portrayed us as gone bad and dead

But you still have nightmares ‘bout us in your hearts

Still Out Here…


Still Out Here nothing deploys us

Down to your dream world of make-believe

Ours won’t be hosting yours for too long

You’ll soon be cyberized beyond reprieve

We’re still out here we still have choices

Your children’s telescopes strain to perceive

Makin’ our babies and singing our songs

Beneath the blue skies, under the trees


Out here where your high heels dare never tread

Out here where no one to you is in debt

Out here where nothing you own’ll ever get you a thing

(Out here where you will eventually regret not being)

Still Out Here…



Still Out Here; to get where we’re at

You’ll have to forget about all of your plans

Write out a check just to pay for your dreams

That would become nightmares with just half a chance

We’re still out here, you’ll freeze in your tracks

If you try to burn us or buy us with brands

We won’t elect you, protect you or pray

That your lost souls fall into the right hands

Still Out Here…


Out here where you draw your reservoirs from

Out here where what you can’t use you just dump

Out here where your so-called real world becomes our expense

Still Out Here…