Eric Wood


Mr. Smart Guy


Mr. Smart Guy lifts his head

Opens up his eyes

Not another day of this

Something inside him cries

Lying next to him in bed

The last of his three wives

True love has no expectations

Mr. Smart Guy lies

He’s a blue blood company man

Motivated by

Old American axioms

Like hard work, progress, pride,

Profiteering, expansion

Innovation, fight,

Competition, reputation

Corporation wide


Mr. Smart Guy wants to lead the world

To a brand new day


Wants his kids to be like him

Sends them off to school

Teach them competition

Like it was the golden rule

Sends his lovers pure perfumes

To keep their fires fueled

So he can attend to them

On his next business …..


(Repeat Chorus)


Mrs. Smart Guy wakes alone

Stumbles ‘cross the floor

Right into the cabernet

Left from the night before

Heads directly for the mirror

Needs to make up for (what she thins are)

Nature’s insufficiencies

To claim her own self worth


She’s on top of her career

Selling Health insurance

Envied for her brains & beauty

And her tough endurance

Mrs. Smart Guy caps the gloss

And as she’s leaving turns

Gazing at the empty bed

And all they both have earned


Mrs. Smart Guy wants to lead the world

To a brand new day