Eric Wood


Not How the Story Ends


A girl who watched the open sea

Her sailor to come near

Whose flowing hair the wind blew free

Whose heart held fast her fears

While `gainst the cliffs her hopes were dashed

Each time one did appear

Who’d use her up and vanish fast

Into her younger years


She toward the silent forest turned

Her dreams all driven down

And swallowed up into the churning

Blue sea behind her now

To swim among the porpoises

Like legends never drowned

Into this verdant wilderness

Her footsteps faded out


Then the clouds filled every fold with fog

And the night with more suspense

But this is just a simple song

Not How the Story Ends


A boy who reigned a mountain-side

Surrounded by the hills

Who traded his old reckless life

For one he himself built

From stones and trees far from the sea

Into the sunset yelled

Somewhere out there she waits for me

Who knows how long she will


(repeat chorus)