Eric Wood


Donít Just Dance


The placeís pulse was pounding, impervious to peace

An air of expectation was palpable at least

The minions pressing forward clamoring to be pleased

The speaker took the podium, all commotion ceased

A way had been discovered, the crowd would now be told

To, with the human genome, encrypt & encode

A new hyper-computer onto a single chip

Too tiny to be held between an infantís fingertips

Not silicon or athlon but from leeches synthesized

A living organism, injectable, devised

To make us even smarter than we may not fortunately be

Help us live forever, help us to be free

Free from ever dying, free from fear or sin

Free from making children or leaving the world to them

Free to want for nothing itís hard to imagine

Youíd have to be John Lennon on some powerful opium


Wake up man!

Donít be conned

Make new plans

Bust your bond

Take a chance

Sing your song

Donít Just Dance

Donít Just Dance

Donít Just Dance


Sometimes I get this feeling, feels like all alone

The further out it takes me, the closer Iím to home

It sort of seems itís sacred andíll take me Ďtil Iím gone

I canít shake this feeling, itís the deepest one Iíve known

So I hold it where I feels it closest to my soul

I donít want to lose it, I canít bear to let it go

Ďtimes I hear it calliní like a freight train in the night

I can Ďtell the timeís a-cominí Iíll be goiní for that ride

Maybe whereí its bound be far from fate or form

And death more than an opportunity to be re-born

I donít want the spoils, they only bring me pain

The only thing Iím loyal toís this feeling in my veins

I donít want their progress, donít need to MAP the stars

Wonít eat their latest Starlink, donít want to live on Mars

Iíll go with this feeling; dark as it may be

Far as it may take me from this tall technocracy


(Repeat chorus)