Eric Wood


Blue Highway


Used to be roads were like rivers that quietly went

Flowing through forests and fields to families and friends

Each had a place from which it traveled and where it would end

Used to be roads were more like that; they won’t be again.


Used to be people would wave to you when you passed by

Seldom a soul would you meet with a suspicious eye

Around the hills just like the water flows these roads would wind

Leading to those at peace; that’s what these roads would be like


Now we’re competin’ and don’t know whose purpose it serves

Slice up a mountain in order to avoid a curve


Give me back that Blue Highway

My way



Truths that are told with a cleverly concealed intent

Are worse than lies anyone can devise or invent

Lures that a laid to intrigue and entice innocents

Turn into crosses and flags on their graves in the end


Now we got systems that keep us on rails in the net

Satellites watchin’ our every move overhead


Give me back that Blue Highway

My way